Wellidaerth Laelithar

Noble elven fencing champion


Elven Fighter 2/Abjurer 1 185 years old 100 lbs. 5’4’’

HP: 24
AC: 19
BAB: +2

Str: 12
Dex: 20
Con: 13
Int: 14
Wis: 9
Cha: 14

Fort: +5
Refl: +5
Will: +1

Languages: Elven, Common, Draconic, Slyvan

Attacks: Mithral Rapier +8 1d6 + 1
Masterwork Composite +1 Longbow +8 1d8 + 1

Weapon Finesse
Combat Expertise
Improved Disarm

Knowledge Nobility +6
Ride +9
Concentration +5
Knowledge Arcana +5
Knowledge History +5
Knowledge Geography +5
Spellcraft +5

0 – All
1 – Shield, Protection from Chaos/Evil/Good/Law, Magic Weapon, Identify, True Strike

Untrained Hireling – Patsy
1 lb of sealing wax
5 sheets of paper
1oz of Ink w/pen
Mithral Shirt
Mithral Rapier
Masterwork Composite Longbow (+1)
small steel mirror
7 tindertwigs
Noble Outfit
Wizard’s Spellbook
Spell component pouch
Spell Material components – 59.9 gold worth
Pavillion Tent
1 light horse
60 arrows
24 days rations
hooded lantern
signet ring
337 gold 9 silver


Born and raised in the Atuan Forest to a noble elven house, Wellidaerth has always viewed the world with an eye of mixed fascination and divertissement. He lives by the philosophy that one should strive to experience all that the world has to offer before their time is up, in order to make the most of their life. As such, he almost never does the same thing twice. He believes that to repeat oneself is a waste of time.

He was raised in a very blue-blooded fashion, only having the responsibility to learn nobility, ride a horse, and other hobbies deemed worthy of royalty. His favorite among these hobbies was the time he spent learning how to fence with a rapier. He won many fencing tournaments in his homeland and became well-known for being devilishly hard to put a sword on. His strategy was primarily focused on wearing the opponent down, little by little, until they could hardly lift their weapon. Because he grew up so far removed from the real world, he doesn’t perceive fighting as a life or death situation. He views it merely as a sport, to be enjoyed. Unless his opponent is clearly a mindless creature, incapable of experiencing emotions like humility or honor, he will nearly always offer a chance to surrender (after all, it’s the gentlemanly thing to do). In his mind, if he bests you in single combat, you are obligated to submit or you will have forfeited you honor and, subsequently, your life in the case of an evil being.

Another of his most practiced hobbies was the Art. Initially, he hated the Art. As a young one, he rarely had the patience for hours upon hours of study in the arcane university’s great library. He felt that all the idleness dulled his physical senses and made him slower. Eventually, however, he developed an interest in the school of Abjuration. The repelling and protective nature of Abjuring appealed to his combat strategy of evade and avoid. Therefore, he became an Abjurer.

Eventually, tiring of his isolation in the reclusive elven forest, and when he was of an appropriate adventuring age, he began asking leave to depart from the Atuan Forest and the safety of his home in order to experience all the world had to offer. It was a long and arduous process. It took 25 years for his family to come around to the idea. He wasn’t the sole heir of his house, but he was still seen as somewhat of an asset, being the second son in a predominantly female family. He finally managed to convince his family to give consent under the condition that Brook, a local guardian (their name for druids), accompanied him on his journey.

With that, the two set out to Red Road and made their way south, eventually reaching the city of Redshine. They then took Center Road across the World Bridge into Mirza and then, after brightwater, made their way along the coast road before eventually arriving at Firegrove. Along the way, they met a pair of dwarves at a tavern and the dwarves accompanied them the rest of the way to Firegrove. Wellidaerth was particularly interested in their company in an attempt to experience more of dwarven culture. He assumed that if he traveled with two dwarves for long enough, it would give him some insight into dwarven life.

Wellidaerth Laelithar

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